Mickey Trivett, the visionary founder of ReadySetStartups, who turned his entrepreneurial spirit into a gateway for aspiring business owners. With an impressive track record of owning, operating, and successfully selling various businesses over the past two decades, Mickey's vast expertise in Marketing and Consulting has been the guiding light of our company.

The birthplace of ReadySetStartups? A comfortable corner in Mickey's Austin, Texas home. Fueled by the restless Texas heat and the vibrant spirit of Austin, Mickey found himself contemplating over an innovative solution for entrepreneurs. He wondered, "What if there was a smarter, faster, more efficient way to launch a small business?" A spark was ignited, and from that ember of an idea, ReadySetStartups was born.

A risk, indeed, but Mickey has always thrived outside the comfort zone, firmly believing that where comfort ends, growth begins. This bold approach is deeply woven into our company's DNA, making us committed to the art of taking calculated risks and turning them into rewarding opportunities.

Known for his relentless fountain of ideas, Mickey often finds himself the jest of friendly teases, with his friends asking, "So, what's your next big idea?" A joke it may seem, but it's a testament to his vibrant mind that never stops innovating.

Each night, Mickey puts his thoughts to paper, filling his 'Idea Bank' journal with fresh concepts and visions. His goal? To share his wealth of ideas with you, to aid your journey into business ownership, and to provide the support you need in navigating the thrilling adventure of running your own enterprise.

At ReadySetStartups, we're not just a business. We're a collective dream, an embodiment of Mickey's vision to empower and uplift every aspiring entrepreneur. Welcome aboard, and let's make your business dreams a reality.


S - Service Excellence: We aim to provide outstanding service that delights our clients.

T - Transparency: We believe in open and honest communication with our clients and each other.

A - Adaptability: We thrive on change and continually adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

R - Respect: We respect and value those we work with and the contribution they make.

T - Teamwork: We work collaboratively, valuing each other’s input and appreciating our collective genius.

U - Uniqueness: We honor the uniqueness and creativity in each startup, nurturing their distinct potential.

P - Passion: We are passionate about startups and are committed to helping them succeed.


ReadySetStartups is a digital platform dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit by providing a diverse catalog of innovative and unique startup ideas that we call Stoplight Startups. Our mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs discover, plan, and launch their dream businesses. We offer detailed insights into different startup models, assess their potential risks, and guide users through the crucial steps of the startup journey. Founded by Mickey Trivett, ReadySetStartups is committed to fueling the next generation of businesses that will shape our future.

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